Seamlessly Androided

If you’ve ever wanted to get the benefits of Android Auto displayed on your factory screen now is the time to strike. Without the need to change the radio at all we can add in a new interface that brings up your Android Auto’s information and display it in a easy to use format. Generally the factory screen can be “interrupted” and inline we can sync our new android module into this interrupt. Using factory buttons we can switch between the two easily, virtually eyes-free.

Why You Want Android Auto

Android Auto delivers navigation to your car using your phones navigation apps like Google Maps and Waze. All your saved locations and history are saved for you to easily find via Goolgle Assistant or through on-screen selections. You can even find places around you like Petrol Stations and Cafes and quickly get to where you want to go. There’s no paying for updates, no subscriptions and you will always have the current maps and your location even if you are outside mobile phone networks.
With your entire phone book literally “on-call” Android Auto is the next evolution Bluetooth. There’s no syncing of contacts or wading through A-Z it’s all here ready to go in a super easy to use interface. Missed Calls, Dialed Calls, it’s all here as well as the ability to use Google Assistant.
Music is one of the most important parts of any drive. At least in our opinion. To get this happening in our cars Android Auto allows many music apps to operate with a modified, easy to use interface. Apps like Spotify, Audible, Podcast and multiple radio station apps will digitally stream music directly to your system with crystal clear quality audio.
The King/Queen of your phone-car interface (depending on your settings!) Google Assistant can get you to where you need to go, on time, with your favourite tunes playing. You can prompt Google with the touch of a button and say things like “Call Susan”, “Text Stan: Hey, I’ll be home late”, “Navigate me to Work”, “Book an appointment at the Doctor’s Office at 4pm on Friday”. All this and a lot more is available while driving, really easily.

What It Takes To Install

The installation involves a module expertly installed behind the dash as well as integration harnesses that suit your particular car. With a wired Android Auto connection we can replace the cigarette socket with a “pass-through” USB data socket that can charge your phone and transmit data.

Integrated Android Auto Is Available For These Models

What say we make this official?

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