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Connected Car Solutions proudly services the Gold Coast with our on-site mobile installations as well as a fairly large arc around it. If you are outside these borders though please let us know.

Phone: 0439014868


Instagram is where we showcase our completed works, take glamour shots of our cars and make things look pretty. Check us out here if you’d like to see our best side.


Facebook goes a little bit more in depth into how we do. Build log’s, updates on products and what the industry is getting up to these days. A pretty broad net is being thrown over the whole thing so you’ll get a bit of everything here.

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Tik Tok is new for us, it’s short form video that tries to quickly fit as much in to a song bite as we can. Turns out pretty entertaining and informative at the same time even if there’s not much context for what’s going on.


YouTube is where we are going to be putting our long form videos. Admittedly there’s nothing much going on over there but we’ll get round to it eventually.


We love music. It’s half the reason why we’re in this mess to begin with. But being able to play music loud and clear while we are cruising around definitely makes up for it. Here we share some of the stuff that makes us turn the volume clockwise.


Ben’s Linkedin page where we post up a range of articles, videos and musing focused more on the business and industry side of things. And also network.

Thank you for considering Connected Car Solutions for your next technology or car audio upgrade!