Premium Apple CarPlay and Android Auto Integration for your European, Asian-Pacific and Sports-Luxury factory radios.

Connected Car Solutions has teamed up with a reliable electronics engineering firm to bring to you the best, and most cost effective solution for smartphone integration. We have tested models from all over the world from America to Korea, UK to China and we beleive that we have found an incredibly robust foundational device. From that we have put the CCS twist on it and can bring to you, our customers, both local and international, a final product worthy of your consideration.

What is Auto-iO?

A multi media video interface

Auto-iO, at it’s heart, adds two new features to your factory radio: Apple Carplay and Android Auto. These new features can be displayed on your factory screen and used with your current controls like the a touch screen or control dial and we are working hard to make sure that the integration is as seamless as possible. There are other features added along with it like Phone Mirroring and USB input.

Factory and Aftermarket parking camera support

With Auto-iO there are multiple camera inputs and a variety of ways to view them depending on your situation. Both front and rear camera options are available and can be fully automatic or manually activated and factory moving lines are available in many applications. The module can also retain a factory camera without any extra wiring and work in tandem with a new front camera.

Seamless factory radio integration

Touch screen, factory control dial, steering wheel controls. The Auto-Oi strives to integrate perfectly into your radio while replicating factory functionality. It uses your factory Bluetooth to keep hands-free calling familiar while retaining the factory phone pick-up/hang up buttons and it uses the radios own music input channels like AUX, USB, FM or Optical in. There are add-ons available that can add even more like film overlays to add touch function.

Wireless Apple Carplay (and wireless Android Auto if the stars align)

The Auto-iO integration module uses a quick and secure Bluetooth for the initial connection before it hands off to a super fast WiFi for the Carplay data stream. Wireless Carplay is a given but because of the quality components chosen to build this device even Android Auto has a chance for wireless nirvana. It’s not exactly promoted as such but depending on the phone and OS version it is possible.

2 year Australian manufacturer’s warranty

Quality build and reliable support allows us to extend our confidence in the product to our customers, in turn we offer a 2 year warranty against manufacturer’s defects. We trust our product to be the best.

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