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Connected Car Solutions is dedicated to equipping Australia's Gold Coast with up to date in-car technology and car audio. To do this we supply and install a wide range of premium 12v electronics products and focus on seamless integration and factory retention. The end result is a car that looks and sounds incredible with 21st century audio, convenience and on-board infotainment.

What Sets Us Apart

At Connected Car Solutions we are always thinking of new ways to improve our final product from the inside out.

We offer premium quality wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto kits. These assist in the integration of smartphone technology into your car’s factory screen. With companies like Naviplus we can add this technology without changing the vehicle’s factory radio and take advantage of the convenient features built into your phone.

Connected Car Solutions regularly posts quality content to help clear up myths, rate new products and music and the latest technique tutorials.

We offer a live update service that brings you into the fold with Instagram. To do this we use real time pictures and video so you can see what is happening in real time.

We work overtime to make sure every customer is happy with their chosen product and the service provided along with them. Find out more about our policies here!

Connected Car Solutions carries the widest range of testing and tuning tools. With these we can analyse sound and car computer systems. This allows us to deliver reliable, accurate results every time.

From friendly and professional service to reliably satisfying results.

– This is Connected Car Solutions.

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