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Apple CarPlay

Want to be able to get the most out of your iPhone while driving AND stay completely within the law? Apple CarPlay is the solution. Once installed simply connect your phone to get started. It has mapping and music covered. Messaging and hands free calling too. In fact it has so many ways to help you drive and connect to the world you wont know what you ever did without it.

Can I get it in my car?

There is a couple of ways we can do this and it will depend on your car. If it is possible we can either update your factory screen with Apple CarPlay or we can replace your factory radio with the Apple CarPlay features in-built. What is really cool is that there is wireless options available for both upgrades and replacement units. You can Contact Us anytime if you would like us to find the best option for you.

Android Auto

The Yin to Apple’s Yang, Google has their own smartphone integration systems available for everyone running the Android OS. Recently they have come out with a new update which has changed the layout and made it even easier to use. They are also running a Beta update available to those who seek it. This will allow selected Android phones to run wireless so you can leave your phone in your pocket and still be using the advanced features of Android Auto.

What does it take to have this installed?

Just like Apple’s option, Android Auto can be installed into a factory screen or can come included with a brand new head unit that will replace your current radio. Even if your car isn’t listed in the directories we like to think that if there is a will, there’s a way. You can Contact Us if you would like to know more.


While every car these days is delivered with Bluetooth optioned it’s surprising how common it is to have this upgrade carried out even today. With Bluetooth hands-free calls and audio streaming it’s a convenience and almost a necessity to have it in your car. Easy to connect, easy to use. Simple.

How do I get Bluetooth in my car?

There are 3 main ways we can do this depending on your car. For a lot of Euro models can integrate Bluetooth into the factory system. It’s possible to add in generic bluetooth kits made to fit many cars and of course the most popular option of swapping the unit for a Bluetooth enabled version. You can click on the links below that will give you a better idea of each type or visit our Contact Us if you would like to have a chat.

HEMA 4WD Mapping

Complete with searchable Campsites and Caravan Parks, HEMA is a topographical navigation platform for explorers of the not-so-beaten track. This Australia wide mapping system includes digitised HEMA touring maps of popular touring locations such as Fraser Island, The Kimberly and Cape York.

How can I get this in my car?

HEMA Maps is a bit more involved than your typical navigation so factory radios that can be upgraded is a bit limited. However there is a list of compatible cars and you also have the option of changing the radio with a unit that has in on-board. Contact Us for more info.

Reverse Camera Integration

Being able to see what is happening behind you is really important as our cars get bigger and the roads get busier. A reverse camera installation can make it ridiculously easy to reverse and park your vehicle as well as see what’s going on behind you as you are driving.

 How much to fit a reversing camera?

We’ll need to know how you want to be able to view the reversing image first. There is a few ways we can do this while keeping the factory look of the vehicle. We can integrate into the existing car’s media screen or we can replace the radio or rear-view mirror with one that is able to accept a reverse camera image. You can find out more by visiting our Contact Us page.

Driving Assistance

Technology has coming a long way from the humble front and rear parking sensors. What is really starting to take off particularly in OEM applications is Advanced Driving Assistance (ADAS for short). These are monitoring and avoidance systems which use a combination of Radar, LIDAR and Multi-Camera systems. You don’t need to buy a brand new car to take advantage of this technology, though. Parking sensors, cruise control, aftermarket blind spot monitoring and ADAS can be installed in your car right now.

Make driving simple, what’s available for my car?

To get a better idea of the different ways you can add convenience to your drive we’ve added a few pages that give you a good idea of the different assistance systems available. Click on the links below to read more about them. Or you can Contact Us if you would like to ask us directly.

Dash Cameras

With everything that happens on the road these days the most reliable way to protect yourself from the repercussions of others is to install a dash cam. Recording while you are driving is one of the few things you can install into your car that can make you feel like you are protected from what could happen. With front and rear options available, parking mode as well as truck, caravan and motorbike variations, you can be secure in the knowledge that you are reliably covered. No matter what.

How much for a dash cam installed?

Installation is generally pretty quick (under 2-3 hours) and the prices vary depending on what kind of features you want. For more info on the different dash cameras available you can Contact Us or click the link below to learn more about our products.

Car Audio System Upgrades

One of the core elements of Connected Car Solutions is our dedication to quality car audio. In both design and installation as well as product choice we go above and beyond for our clients. Every time we upgrade from a factory system we take the time and every effort to make sure we conform to the design of the vehicle and ensure the integrity and overall sound is retained and improved upon the way you want it.

I want to upgrade my sound, what’s next?

If you like you can explore the products we offer by clicking the links below. We have a range of speakers, amplifiers, subwoofers and audio integration products that are suited to every need. There are many links below to explore but if you can’t find what you are looking for or would like some advice you can also Contact Us.

More information for this product coming soon…

More information for this product coming soon…