Can I go Wireless??

Apple CarPlay has quickly become almost a necessity in this connected world we live in. But the question always gets asked: “Can I have Wireless Apple CarPlay in my car?” The answer is: most likely yes! With new technology we are able to integrate wireless CarPlay into almost every car. From the humble Toyota to their luxury counterpart the Lexus as well as Audi, Mercedes, young and old. Depending on your vehicle there is a solution for you. Say you have a factory system that has CarPlay already but you don’t want to use the cable anymore. For you there are wireless CarPlay2Air dongles that can be purchased and plugged into the CarPlay USB socket that instantly turns your factory CarPlay wireless!

Wireless Apple CarPlay for Mercedes

But what if you have a car radio that you simply don’t want to change?

If the factory system is perfect put you just want a bit more of a modern interface. That’s ok! There are new systems that allow you to integrate wireless Apple CarPlay into the factory screen. It’s a quick and easy installation that does not modify interior or exterior parts of the car. Just imagine adding a DVD player to your TV. Alternatively, if you’re happy to switch out your old unit for something new there are many options for CarPlay that don’t require a charging cable to be connected to your phone. An aftermarket head unit with wireless CarPlay can update that tired old radio with something fresh!

How does it work?

Once you have chosen your desired solution the wireless connection works by pairing your phone via Bluetooth. Then the system will automatically connect you to it’s WiFi. From there all data is transferred over a high speed WiFi data transfer. Once you are paired up the Apple CarPlay system allows you to use your Apple Maps, Google Maps, Messaging, Audiobooks and so much more! The way it works in your car is different for each vehicle but the intuitive interface easily allows you to perform basic functions as you learn. You can stop there or you can learn more! Like how to use your new friend Siri to her (or his) full potential!

With Apple CarPlay being so important these days and even more convenient with the addition of wireless connection it makes sense to look into options for your car. If you need more information specific to your car you can contact us any time!


  1. Hi there I have a Avh- z5100dab and it’s installed in a Stx Nissan Navara np300! Just wanting to know what you guys recommend as a wireless CarPlay adapter!?

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