Here are 3 ways you can view single or multiple parking assistance cameras in your vehicle

1. Add a Camera Into Your Factory Radio

We are at the point where it is becoming more convenient and cost-effective to keep the infotainment unit that comes with the car and adding features to it. Connected Car Solutions can do this reliably and seamlessly and uses only high quality modules to carry out the installation. These kits offer front and rear camera integration as well as the ability to add caravan cameras and other video media. If it’s necessary most video switching uses factory buttons as well (like factory steering wheel controls) so there is no extra aftermarket switches on the dashboard.

Camera Integration Is Available For These Models

2. Replace Your Old Radio For a New Touch Screen

Looking for an excuse to update your cars dashboard? When you install a reverse camera you need to be able to view the image easily, replacing your head unit is a great way to do this. Connected Car Solutions can integrate a new radio with touch screen to almost any car while retaining factory functions and features the old radio was capable of (along with adding new ones). With all touch screen units you will get things like Bluetooth for hands-free calling and media streaming as well as USB and radio. Different models will offer a CD/DVD player, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and on-board Navigation. If you are replacing your radio anyway it might be worthwhile to check out these great features as well.

We Recommend Touch Screen Head Units From These Brands

3. Replace Your Rear View Mirror With a Monitor In-built

The least you can do without cluttering up your dash with screens and retaining an OEM appearance. Rear view mirror monitors can display a camera image for you too see what is going on behind you. Great for getting an mage into your car discretely and cost-efficiently.

Features dual camera inputs and a modest 5″ screen.

Why You Need A Reverse Camera

When it comes to parking your car there are a lot of challenges and at least a small amount of guess work involved in getting into your chosen spot. Here are a few resons why a reverse camera will help people from all walks of life from learner drivers to even the most seasoned reverse parallel parkers

No sweat, every time

With a wide angle lens set in the right position a reversing camera will give you eyes on the back of your head. As your view passes through the headrest, past the kids and out the rear tailgate you will have a crystal clear perspective of exactly what is happening around the back of your car.

Eliminate Blindspots

Take the guess work out of parking. Front and rear parking cameras will give you a significant overview of your situation. Or choose the MPRAS birds eye view camera for total 360 degree coverage.

Resale Value

Virtually every new car is being sold with a camera these days. If you find your situation changing and you find yourself trading up it’s an attractive feature to have for resale and in some cases it’s expected! Enjoy the benefits now and in the future.

How about it?

We are looking forward to getting this sorted for you.