The Beginning of Great Sound

Subwoofers get a bad wrap. Historically known for being ridiculously loud and basically annoying to hear for everyone not driving that car. At Connected Car Solutions we are dedicated to trying to change that perception by offering great, quality bass drivers for modern day music listeners. Yes, we can slam 2,000 wrms into your boot and call it a day BUT we can also recommend drivers for those who don’t want anything too crazy, that don’t want to be able to hear it down the street, that just want nice, clean bass to…complete the music you are listening too.

Why You Need A Subwoofer

Bring Your Music Together

Subwoofers offer the easiest and most efficient way to recreate the lowest tones of your music. While door speakers can play some of it, they struggle to accurately and acoustically describe literally 1/3 of your music. Subwoofers are designed to play low and can handle the power necessary to be in balance with the rest of your system. If prompted they can go beyond this still and bring power and force to an otherwise average audio experience.

Let Speakers Play What they Were Meant For

Door speakers were never made to be able to play low. When they are pushed to do so either by heavy EQ or Bass Boost features in radios and amplifiers what we end up hearing is distortion and noise. We get electrical noise from our radio clipping and distorting the signal and also mechanical distortion from the speaker poorly trying to reproduce the signal sent. If we add a subwoofer we can take the lower frequencies away from these mid-range speakers which helps them play what they were meant for!

Get Ready to Feel Your Music

A welcome by-product of a subwoofer is the ability it gives your musical system to vibrate you and your car (in a good way!). Depending on your music tastes and what the artist intended this can affect you in a number of ways. Electro and deep house music tends to involve deep, melodic tones that shift and move with the beat, bringing you into the music. Hip hop tends to use the bass tones to vibe with the track the artist is rapping or singing to so the listener can keep pace. Rock and instrumental music uses the lower frequencies to carry the weight of instruments such as bass guitars and strings as well as drums and gives them a complete structure. You don’t know what you are missing until you really feel it.

Different Types Of Subwoofer

There are a few different ways to get bass into the car these days, depending on your needs and the amount of space you are willing to sacrifice. While they used to take up most of your boot space, now we have the option of slimline and space saving technology that can output similar levels and accuracy in tight quarters.

I want to take up no space.

Solution: An underseat subwoofer. The only space it will take up is usually saved for old receipts and things that have fallen out of your pockets. Use it for something worthwhile like bass! While not the most accurate or powerful solution you can’t go past this cost-effective and versatile way to get a rumble going.

I can spare a little bit of space and like to get decent bass response.

Enter the slimline and miniature boxes. My personal favourite is the 8″ ported box. It works the best in cabins where the box is in the same area as the listener. Cars like hatches and stationwagons (like mine!) even SUV’s can be filled up with enough bass to keep avid music lovers happy. They do tend to suffer when forced to play through something like a backseat like in a sedan where the boot is separate to the cabin which is where something like a 10″ or 12″ slimline subwoofer comes in.

I don’t want to take up barely any usable space, but I want real bass.

This is where custom boxes come in to play. We deal in quality prefab custom boxes made especially for your vehicle then put the best subwoofer that will work in the space. Whether it be made by the manufacturer of the subwoofer or by the best custom pre-fab box builders in Australia, both will deliver incredible results without sacrificing space.

I don’t mind too much about my boot. I just want real, powerful or overwhelming bass.

No need to be embarrassed about it, some of us just really love to be immersed in the music and the only way we know how is by legitimately powerful bass. It’s not a crime…before 10pm 😉 From here you have free reign. Full size woofers with full sized box counterparts in single or dual (or more). Choose your poison and get ready to begin a true musical experience.

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