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For a large group of vehicles delivered in the last 5 years (and earlier!) it’s becoming increasingly difficult to swap the radios with up to date navigation systems that work and are simple to use. Thankfully along with this has come companies that offer quality navigation options the integrate into the factory screens of these units. With a press of a factory button you will have access to the latest mapping, navigation software and roadside information. On board navigation kits can be added into your existing factory system. This means no swapping out a perfectly good unit adding complicated adapters to get back what you already have.

Why You Want Navigation

Traffic is not a problem

When you are online, up-to-date traffic information and recommended detour options are provided if traffic escalates unexpectedly . When you are offline you can rely on historical data based on the time and day you are driving through the area.

Realistic Visualisation

Realistic 3d imagery helps you to better understand your surroundings. Detailed landmarks and city models act as reliable points of reference and accurate depiction of lanes, tunnels and complex junctions make the world around you easier to understand.

Guidance Everywhere

Never be caught off guard, navigate the labyrinth of lanes, roads, signposts and junctions with precise maneuver instructions.  But for the inevitable surprise or mistake, your route will be instantly recalculated and have you back on track.

Search Like A Pro

Search for specific addresses or among thousands of points of interest including cafes, museums, bars, restaurants, petrol stations and many more along the way! Only know part of the address? Auto-complete will help you figure out the rest.

Integrated Navigation Is Available For These Models

Navigation Can Also Be Integrated Into Your Current Aftermarket Unit!

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