Upgrade Your Radio With A CarPlay Headunit

The most common reason we upgrade factory radios is to provide our clients with the upgraded features of Apple CarPlay. Alone this already is a massive benefit, but with these units comes a host of other possible features. Things like a touch-screen that can host a reversing camera, Bluetooth, CD players and an updated user interface that can really bring your dated dash into the 21st century.

Why You Want CarPlay

Apple CarPlay delivers navgation to your car using your phones navigation apps like Apple Maps, Google Maps and Waze. All your saved locations and history are saved for you to easily find via Siri or through on-screen selections. You can even find places around you like Petrol Stations and Cafes and quickly get to where you want to go. There’s no paying for updates, no subscriptions and you will always have the current maps and your location even if you are outside mobile phone networks.
Hands-free calling has never been more hands-free. With Siri on standby whenever you have CarPlay connected you can make phone calls while driving a breeze. Simply press the voice control icon and let Siri know who you want to call. Siri will search your contacts and the web to got you in contact. Easy.
Music is even easier to search and play with Apple CarPlay. With a literal plethora of music, radio, podcast, audiobooks and streaming apps available through CarPlay you’ll never run out of something to listen too. Everything can be found using our friendly Siri interface, simply prompt her and tell her what you would like to hear. You can also make selections through the touchscreen or factory controls designed with driving safety in mind.
Messaging while driving is typically dangerous for you and others on the road. The only people that benefit are panel beaters who have admitted that mobile phones have been a boon for the industry. There is a way now to avoid texting and messaging distractions through Apple CarPlay. Again, Siri is your friend. She can notify and read messages to you and using voice-to-text she can reply for you while you keep your eyes on the road.

How It All Happens

When we swap your radio we don’t want you to lose any factory functions. Steering wheel controls like volume and skip track, menu and voice control can be retained and added to your steering wheel. Also factory cameras (front, side and reverse) can be added to the new Apple CarPlay head unit. Factory USB and auxiliary ports can be retained too and to mount the radio, to make it look like it was made to be there, we supply facia kits with factory matching design and texture.

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