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These warning systems are ready to keep you safe and aware of risks on the road.
At Connected Car Solutions we have a long history of implementing professional Advanced Driving Assistance (ADAS) and technologies to fleet and private vehicles. We are dedicated to providing reliable systems capable of keeping you on the road and actively maintaining safe driving practices. OEM saftey features can be fitted and calibrated to your vehicle and include Lane Departure Warnings, Front End Collision Warnings, Front Vehicle Departure Reminders and many more. These systems can be dedicated or as part of a high quality Dash Recording Camera.

Different Types Of ADAS Features

Lane Departure Warning

This system is build to alert the driver when they are moving outside the lined area of their lane. Using sensors and internal algorithms it will send an audible and sometimes visual indication to the driver of a possible error. This will give the driver advanced warning if they are driving outside the boundries so they can quickly correct themselves.

Front End Collision Warning

The ADAS device is constantly monitoring the vehicle in front of you to determine if you are in danger of collision. If you are coming up behind the car in front of you that is at a stop or is braking it will give you an audible and visual indication of the event to warn you before something can happen. An early warning gives the ability to avoid potential fender benders, particularly in the distraction ridden world we now live in.

Front Vehicle Departure Warning

Front Vehicle Departure Warning (FVDW) is an Advanced Driving Assistance (ADAS) feature available on select few cameras to let the driver know that the vehicle in front of you is pulling away from an intersection. This feature is used to alert drivers who may be distracted to divert their attention back to the road in front of them and can be found in the ADAS settings of these cameras.

ADAS Features Are Available By Installing Thinkware and MobileEye Products

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