Smartphone connectivity in Luxury Vehicles and driving legally

You might have heard it on the news recently; the Queensland government has introduced the strictest fine in the country regarding the use of your mobile phone while behind the wheel. The reason why something like this is newsworthy is the eye-watering punishment attached to it, namely a $1000 fine and a loss of 4 […]

CarPlay vs Android Auto

With the age old war of Google vs Apple continuing to rage on the battles of Carplay vs Android Auto are just starting to heat up. Having a vested interest in both formats to succeed in their area I might have a relatively unbiased opinion and I’m willing to dive in to run you guys […]

Wireless Apple CarPlay

Can I go Wireless?? Apple CarPlay has quickly become almost a necessity in this connected world we live in. But the question always gets asked: “Can I have Wireless Apple CarPlay in my car?” The answer is: most likely yes! With new technology we are able to integrate wireless CarPlay into almost every car. From […]

Interior Protection Detail 101

One thing that is a weird feeling to have as an installer and modifier of cars is relief in knowing that the car I am about to work on is stock. Like, no one has touched it before apart from the mechanics under the hood. Because you know that it hasn’t been messed with, there’s […]

Connecting your phone with your car the smart way

The not-so-humble smartphone has quickly permeated our lifestyles up to the point where we are partly lost when we find ourselves without it. It’s these moments when you finally find it within the folds of your blanket that we not only realise how much we rely on them but also how much value they really […]